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Yoga For Busy Women – Eight Easy Chair Yoga Poses For Relaxation And A Quick Energy Boost

As a working mother your time is precious. Chair yoga is an excellent way for busy mums and women working from home to fit a simple yoga lesson into your hectic schedule.

In this article I want to share with you eight easy chair yoga stretches you can do at home or at work whenever you feel tired, frazzled and need a quick energy boost of to get through your day.

What Is Chair Yoga?

Simply put, Chair Yoga is taking the mindfulness of traditional yoga (asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation) and instead of standing or using a yoga mat, you practice seated on a chair. This makes Chair Yoga the ideal way to add yoga into your schedule, especially when time is short and you do not have the time to fit in a full yoga class.

Side note: As with all forms of exercise, consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions or suffer from back pain before you practice this sequence. Remember to be gentle with your body, show respect and be patient as you breathe through the routine.

3 Benefits Of Chair Yoga

  1. You can practice yoga seated at your work station, so you don’t have to worry about finding child care/leaving work, changing your clothes and rushing to a class.
  2. The stretches will help to release tension in your neck and shoulders and ease everyday aches and pains.
  3. The routine quickly refreshes your spirit and helps you stay calm and focused, especially when working to a tight timeline.

Anytime you feel your energy slipping, and you struggle to concentrate and focus on what you are supposed to be doing, rather than waste more time and energy, take a five minute break and practice this simple Chair Yoga sequence. You will feel energised, refreshed, refocused and more able to resume work..

Eight Easy Chair Yoga Exercises For Relaxation And Quick Energy Boost

  1. First of all, sit comfortably on your chair. Lengthen your spine, lift your head so your chin is parallel to the ground and your neck in a straight line with your head. Lower your shoulders, relax you jaw. Take a slow steady breath in through your nose and slowly breathe out. Repeat 3-5 times. Next stretch and wriggle your toes and place your feet firmly back on the floor.
  2. Palms In Front Of Chest

Staying in the above sitting position, breathe in and slowly bring your palms together at your chest. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply for a count of three and, slowly exhale, for a count of three. Repeat 3-5 times

3. Straight Arms Above Head

Keep palms touching; slowly stretch your arms up in the air above your head. Keep shoulders lowered and relax jaw. Keep your head cantered and look straight ahead with a soft gaze. Take 3-5 rounds of deep breaths as you lengthen the sides of your body.

4. Stretch Arms To The Right/Left

Next, interlock your fingers; release your index fingers so they are pointing upwards. Keep your bottom rooted to the chair, stretch your body to the right, and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Try and keep your shoulders and hips in a straight line. Take 3 more deep breaths then return body to centre. If your arms feel tired, return your hands to your lap and allow your breath to settle. Slowly repeat stretch, this time stretching over to the left. Take 3-5 slow steady breaths and return to centre.

5. Seated Cobra

Place your hands on your thighs. Check to make sure your feet are still flat on the ground and facing forward. Breathe in and as you breathe out, gently lift your chest, lower your head back and arch backwards. Keep shoulders lowered and allow your jaw to relax. Breathe in and slowly breathe out. Repeat 3-5 times. Slowly return body to centre.

6. Rotate Wrists

Rest palms on thighs, raise arms up to shoulder level. Make a fist with your hands and rotate your wrist, 5-7 times in each direction. Then release your fist and gently shake your hands for 30 seconds. Rest palms on your lap.

7. Seated Spinal Twist

Reposition your body so your feet are firmly resting on the floor, lengthen your spine and relax your jaw. Cross your left leg over your right leg. Place your right hand on your crossed knee. Keeping your back straight, slowly turn your body to the left as you look over your left shoulder; keep your back nice and straight as you take 3-5 rounds of deep breaths. Slowly come back to the centre. Uncross your legs. Check your feet and body is correctly aligned then, cross your right leg over your left leg, place your left hand on your crossed knee and slowly turn your body to look over your right shoulder. Again, keep the spine lifted as you look over your right shoulder. Take 3-5 deep breaths and return to the centre.

8. Focus on Your Breath

Resting your hands on your lap, with the palms facing upwards, straighten your back, close your eyes and spend the last few moments of your Rest-Break your breath and the senses and sensations flowing through your body.

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, smile and give yourself a hug.

Yeah. High Five. Well Done! You can now return to your work, refocused, calm and energised.

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