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Yoga For Beginners: A Guide To Introductory Poses

Currently, there are about 84 different yoga poses. However, if you are a beginner to the world of yoga, you will not need to know of all the poses right away – you can learn the advanced poses over time. The following are basic poses for beginners that you will encounter in yoga classes.

Tada Asana Mountain is a pose that is used for stretching as well as making you taller. You stand up erect with your feet against each other, and your toes are spread – think of it as being like standing at attention in the military. Your arms should be positioned down at your sides. Hold your breath for 45 seconds, release, and then do the pose again.

The Trikoasana pose is great for back pain and joint issues. This is a triangle pose: place your legs about 3 feet apart. Your left foot should be at a 90 degree angle and turned a bit inward. Take a deep breath, and then bend to your right to touch the ground and exhale. Breathe and hold your breath for 20 seconds, then exhale and repeat on the other side.

Baddha Konasana Bound pose is a sitting-down yoga pose. Sit up straight against a door or wall. Bring both feet in front of you so that the heels of your feet are touching each other. Your back and shoulders must be touching the door or wall that you are sitting up against, and you should tighten your pelvis a bit. Touch your knees downward to the floor, then inhale for 30 seconds, exhale, and repeat.

The Marjasana Cat Cow pose basically involves you getting into a cat position, on all fours. Your hands should be underneath your shoulders, and your knees should be situated underneath your hips. Raise your head, and as you exhale, raise your back so it is rounded and put your head down. Inhale, exhale, and repeat at least ten times.

Vajrasana Extended Puppy pose may be a bit difficult to learn at first, but it is still a beginner’s pose. Start by getting on your knees, then extend your arms out in front of you as far as they will go. Bring your rear end toward your calves, and bring your hands to the back until they touch the tips of your feet. Inhale fro 20 seconds, then exhale.

These poses are great for beginners entering into the world of yoga.

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