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Write Away! Journal Writing For Stress Relief

Why Should You Journal?

Journaling gives substance to thoughts and allows you deeper understanding than merely thinking your thoughts. During stressful times, journaling allows you to enjoy a sense freedom that you might not otherwise experience. Take a pen in hand and get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Journaling releases feelings of anxiety, confusion, and turbulence. Writing engages a different part of the brain, and you can tap into your own knowledge for clarification about situations. Your mind will be relieved of the need to focus on the problem and can instead begin to focus on the solution.

How to Journal Effectively for Stress Relief

Use your journal as a communication tool with your own inner voice. After you have finished writing, take some time to read what you have written. Then take a few moments to reflect on what message your journal entry has for you. Write a little summary of your insights. You may hear a cry for help (I can’t get everything done on time). You may realize something is missing in your life (I don’t remember the last time I laughed). You may get a different perspective on a situation (I don’t have enough money to do that, but I could do this instead).

The only journaling mistake you can make is to not write!

Jumpstart Your Journaling Session

If you experience journaling writer’s block, consider these ideas to jumpstart your session:

– Ask yourself a question. Here are a few examples. What brings a smile to my face? If time was not a factor, what would I do? Am I happy? If money was no object, where would I go? What do I love most about my partner? What do I wish I could change in my daily routine?

– Make a list of everything that you are anxious about. After you’ve written all your fears, apply love and confidence to each situation and rewrite the outcome in a positive way.

– Write an unsent letter to the source of your stress (person or situation). Then write a “reply” from the recipient, which allows you to consider a different perspective.

– Choose something that happened during your day that you could label as a gift you received and write about what it means to you.

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