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Workout Plan – Target the Butt and Thighs

How do you put together the best workout plan for the butt and thighs? First you need to understand a little of how those muscles work together with the rest of the body. Then you can devise a routine that target it!

The butt and thighs are part of a series of muscles call the posterior chain being primarily comprised of the lower back, butt, and hamstrings. The posterior chain works together to do things like lift things from the floor, run, jump and lunge. When you do exercise that work the whole posterior chain you will see the most dramatic results in your butt and thighs. That is because using the muscles together allows you to lift more weight or sprint faster or jump higher, which in turns stresses the muscles more than isolation exercises. The more challenging your workouts the better your butt and thighs will look.

What is important about the posterior chain is that it is often ignored or marginalized in many exercise routines. Squats, leg press, light jogging, while all good effective exercises do not challenge your posterior change to a significant degree.

Another key thing to note is that the posterior chain is supported by other muscles; the abdominals and the hip flexors. So if you want to help develop your butt and thighs, you also need to make sure your abs and hip flexors are strong enough to support your new exercise routine.

The final point to make is that the muscles in the posterior chain are often tight so stretching the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings are a must.

So what does all this mean?

  • Simply that you should incorporate exercises like dead lifts, hyperextensions, good mornings, and lunges into your weight workout plan
  • If your usual cardio routine is 30 to 45 minutes or moderate running or bike riding, try changing it to doing intervals or sprinting
  • Include some plyometric work in your routine such as box jumps
  • Hit a yoga class once a week to stretch those tight areas
  • Lastly include sit ups and leg raises in your abdominal routine.

Before you know it, with this new workout plan, your butt will be just bootiful and you will lose weight quickly.

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