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What is Phyto Hair Care?

Hair and skin care products have now become necessary toiletries, for men, women and children, alike. Our skin and hair are exposed to various external pollutants in the atmosphere and the harsh sun rays; It is also affected directly by the internal hormonal and other physiological disorders in our bodies.

The best approach towards maintaining our hair is to use natural products. Chemical based cosmetics do more harm than good. The botanic-world is rich with natural solutions for the treatment and care of bad hair. In the early civilizations, people had no other choice but to treat their hair problems with specific plants and oils. Nature can take care of the worst of ailments of man. Natural products do not have side effects, and are loaded with value-added features.

Patrick Ales made a ground breaking achievement by combining the most active and efficient ingredients of naturally occurring plants with the modern scientific techniques, to enhance their effect and prolong the life of such ingredients. He has worked all his life for the love of plants and hair. He endeavored to bring a natural solution for the different types of problems of different kinds of hair. His product line is customized for his clients to benefit from his innovations.

The processing of Phyto hair products is laborious, time-consuming and requires extreme accuracy in terms of the proportions of the various ingredients being used in the making of all Phyto hair products.

Bounty of Nature is stored in recyclable bottles to preserve our environment. Phyto is not just about caring for hair; it is also about caring for the plant world. Typical ingredients of Phyto hair care products include extracts from lemon tree e.g. lemon oil; rosemary oil; cypress oil etc. each hair care product is unique and specific for specific hair conditions or types. But, these ingredients are almost found in all the Phyto hair care products because of their natural qualities of acting as cleansing and astringent agents, for increasing blood circulation to stimulate the scalp and for acting as a deodorant to balance oily scalps, respectively.

Phyto hair care line is complete with its shampoos, conditioners and treatment and styling products. It caters to all hair types from normal to frizzy, permed to dyed, thick to extremely thin or damaged hair. Since it is free of chemicals, it can also be used for treating the hair of children.

What makes this hair care line different from others is its aim to correct the natural problems that have resulted in such outcomes as premature grey hair, hair loss, dandruff, scalp problems and thinning of the hair. Phyto hair care products also include dietary supplements to remedy the natural disorders in the human body, which serve as the root of the hair problems.

The founder of Phyto products believed that there is no such thing as bad hair; there is only poorly treated hair. Phyto hair care has come a long way in the world of cosmetics, and have notched the position very few have ever managed to get.

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