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What Is Paleo Diet Philosophy: Hype or Scholarly Research?

There are many individuals that are wondering what is the paleo diet logic based on and what does this diet do for people’s health? This nutritional dietary regimen is not really new. It is based on the same type of dietary practices that our human ancestors would have eaten thousands of years ago. This diet is actually known by many other names including paleolithic diet, stone age diet, hunt gatherer diet and caveman diet.

What is the paleo diet philosophy? Let’s attempt to answer this question by describing what the caveman would have included in his meals. According to researchers and archaeologists, the paleolithic people were eating the foods their bodies were naturally designed to consume. Foods such as fresh fish, veggies, tree ripened fruits, seeds and nuts, plant roots and animal meat (grass-fed). Paleolithic man would not have been enjoying salt, granulated sugars, or other processed foods. Needless to say the diet would have eliminated butters, cooking oil and other modern-day food choices.

Scientific Experts Weigh in on the Nutritional Front

The newer hypothesis insist that the genetic structure of humans has essentially remained unchanged for the past 10,000 years. Yes, people have become taller, stronger and more diversified in appearance, but the inner workings of the human machine are still much the same. This would indicate that the basic human diet that the caveman was consuming is still the best dietary option for modern-day humans as well. If the paleo diet is what our bodies are designed to process then one could indeed argue that most of the modern diseases are linked to unhealthy and improper dietary choices. Furthermore, scientists propose that the affluence and purchasing power was what prompted people to begin selecting bad food choices in the first place. Instead of raw fresh fruits and veggies it became quite popular to demonstrate one’s wealth by eating foods that others could not afford. Fatty foods, sweets, heavily processed foods and other items began to make their way to the table. Did people eat baked fish and steamed veggies? No way! Once the agricultural movement had entered the picture, many of our ancestors believed that bread, meat filled casseroles, butter poached lobsters, rich pastries and dairy products were the foods that should now be on their tables.

What is the Paleo diet going to do for you?

Today there are millions of people who suffer the effects of obesity, arthritis and a wide assortment of allergies. If many of these ailments are the result of unhealthy diets then it is very possible that changing one’s dietary practices could help resolve these problems. This diet excludes additives, hormones and processed foods. The meal plan is divided between animal and plant products; includes high levels of protein and is relatively low in carbohydrates.

Foods that are Allowed on the Paleo Diet

This dietary program precedes the agricultural movement and is a very natural form of eating. In other words you must eat what you can find through scavenging, foraging, hunting and fishing. Essentially the paleolithic diet is a program that consists of the types of foods that a person might be able to gather such as fruits and veggies, (no legumes) nuts and seeds (except peanuts). Also edible fungi such as mushrooms, berries, herbs, insects, eggs and edible leaves. This diet would also include fish,wild game or domesticated animals that are fed grasses and allowed to freely graze in pastures. Grains, dairy products, all legumes, refined sugars, salts and oils are all considered to be food sources that were only available after the paleolithic era had ended and are therefore not allowed on the diet. Water is usually considered to be the only beverage that is permitted on the diet. There are some people who insist that herbal teas are still acceptable as long as the teas do not contain any sugars or additives.

Final Thoughts

What is paleo diet philosophy going to mean for you on an individual basis? The best way to sum up the answer is by describing it as the natural diet for humans, regardless of where we currently find ourselves on the evolutionary chart. If for no other reason than experimentation and curiosity you owe it to yourself to discover how this diet could make a difference in your own life.

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