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Weight Training Workout Recording Sheet – Get Stronger Every Workout

If you are doing any type of weight training, you must keep track of your progress. How else do you know if you are getting better or not? Here is exactly how I have tracked my workouts and guaranteed progress nearly every single workout.

If you are looking for a work sheet that has a whole lot of columns and rows and fancy headings and you fill in the blanks, I really worry about you.

It takes about 20 seconds to write down in an old maths book what workouts you are going to do and then you just go and do them, but before you do them, you look at your last workout to see what you did, and then either do one more rep or add some more weight.

Even just one more rep is huge progress for some people. For others if they are just starting, you will be able to squeeze out a few more reps before you hit the plateauing part of your endeavor.

Stop wasting time trying to find something perfect, do you think that the worlds top fitness models and body builders worry about finding the perfect workout recording sheet or perfect workout program.

Nope. They just go into the gym and pump more iron than last time. Same with cardio, try and get in an extra boxing round, sprint up that hill once more etc.

If you are serious about fat loss, muscle building and achieving the body of your dreams, let me help you.

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