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Ways to Overcome Fitness Fatigue

Perhaps one of the most rewarding fitness challenges when it comes to exercises is overcoming ‘Plateau’.

We have all been there, doing the same few exercises, and convincing ourselves that it is all that we need. It gets harder as we grow older to challenge ourselves to try something more intense and new.

The truth is when we engage in these repetitive forms of exercise over a long period of time, what we are also doing, is simply telling our bodies what to expect and how to get used to it. Inevitably we will ‘plateau’ Our bodies will no longer respond to these same exercises, putting our fitness goals in jeopardy.

So what can we do about it?

Fitness and health professionals know that it is more rewarding for us to challenge ourselves every now and again. By introducing something new perhaps to our regimen, an increase in the weights by say a percentage every 2 to 3 weeks, or the intensity will ensure that we are on track and have valid ways by which we can measure our progress.

Likewise when we engage in a new sport, we challenge our muscles to work and respond in ways that that they may not be used to. This benefits us inadvertently using new muscle groups, introducing new exercise forms like agility and body balance to our routines

If you have been running on the treadmill, try challenging yourself by running outdoors. The incline and surface variations alone will challenge your body and heart rate to respond differently. Try switching to body weight exercises from resistance training.

Or if you want to, try something new, a new sport like swimming, tennis, rugby, or squash, the choices are many.

A typical workout plan for the gym

Starts with a gentle body warming exercise. This is usually a gentle run, cycling, or cross training for 5 minutes

Followed by a pre-exercise stretch, this will help your body to prepare for the main workout

For your main workout

Why not try a 25 minutes of cardio exercises on any cardiovascular machines such as a treadmill, cycling, cross trainer or rowing

Follow this by 2 to 3 resistance machines for your upper and lower body. The number of sets and repetitions vary.

Additional free weights and body weight exercises including some core exercises will ensure that you achieve a total body workout

Don’t forget the all-important stretch at the end! – Give it at least 15 minutes.

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