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Warrior Yoga Pose

The Warrior Yoga Pose is also known as Virabhadrasana. The name Virabhadrasana is derived from the name of the warrior-sage from the Hindu Mythology, who was created by the ancient God Shiva.

The Warrior pose has three versions:

Warrior Pose I

Warrior Pose II

Warrior Pose III

All the three versions of the Warrior yoga pose have great physiological and psychological benefits. This article aims at discussing each of these benefits in detail.

Physical benefits of the Warrior yoga pose

The practice of the Warrior yoga poses activates almost all the muscle of the body, hence it aids in the strengthening of the overall body. If one is looking for strengthening of one particular muscle, one has to simply concentrate on that muscle during the practice of Virabhadrasana or the Warrior pose. It can bring new energy and vigour to the parts like foot, ankle, hamstring, knees and quadriceps muscles. The Warrior pose is especially recommended for people who are suffering from back aches and Sciatica pain. The pose helps in the elimination of allergies, reduces cholesterol levels and also lessens the probability of heart problems. The Warrior pose is ideal for athletes and sportsmen or anyone who wants to have a healthy and good body. All three Warrior yoga poses are great for warming up before indulging in any serious sports like weight-lifting or tennis. As the stretching of the hand is also involved, these poses help in curing arthritis and rheumatic stiffness. The neck and face as well as the eye are stretched during the practice of the position which helps a great deal in the stimulation of the thyroid glands and helps in improving the eye sight. The pose is highly recommended for people who want to reduce the fat on their buttocks.

Mental benefits of Warrior yoga pose

All the three Warrior poses are great for increasing the power of concentration. These poses have a great ability to uplift the spirits and invigorate the entire being. This is primarily because all the three Warrior poses stimulate the spine centres while doing the position, which results in the exhilaration of the mind. These poses have miraculous effects on people who are under constant stress and are depressed.

The key to gain maximum benefits from these Warrior yoga poses is to concentrate and to really feel as a Warrior during the performance of the pose. This will build confidence and trust in oneself which will help the aspirant into a happier state of mind.

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