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Vary Your Workout Routine For Fitness Success

Start researching different workout routines and it quickly becomes evident that there are workout plans that encompass every type, amount, and intensity level of exercise. There are workout plans that focus on low impact activities 6 days a week, workout plans for high impact sessions 3 days a week and other plans for all other schedules in between. There is no one workout plan or exercise regimen that is best for everyone, just many options for people to try.

Using different workout routines can have several benefits for your fitness level. Changing up your workout plan can force your body’s metabolism into high gear helping you burn fat faster. Many people also find it easier to maintain an exercise plan that consists of a variety of activities. Below are some different workout plan options; each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. You may find success with one or more likely a mixture of several.

Running/ Swimming

Running and swimming are all effective workout plans. They combine a good combination of both cardiovascular and muscular fitness. They are also easily scalable to whatever your fitness level may be. If you are just beginning a workout plan these two options are particularly appealing as it is easy to start slowly.

Yoga/ Pilates

Yoga and pilates are quickly gaining popularity as workout plans. Both can be excellent methods of improving strength, flexibility, and balance. There are many different forms of yoga with a variety of focuses. Some forms such as Iyengar Yoga are primarily concerned with alignment while others, including Bikram Yoga, provide a more taxing cardiovascular workout. Pilates workout plans can also cover a range of impact levels and movements.

Weight Training

Weight training is a workout plan that can provide a high degree of muscular fitness and if done correctly flexibility. There is even a type of weight training called circuit training that can provide cardiovascular benefits. Weight training can be a difficult and doctor should be consulted before beginning training regimen. Proper exercise selection, resistance setting and form are imperative for this type of workout plan to be effective.


Even your daily commute can be a workout plan. Walking or biking to work is a great way to a fit a workout plan into your schedule. Even if walking or biking the entire distance is not possible determine if there are certain portions of your daily travels that can be covered on foot or bike. Even small distances can have significant impact of maintained every day. With high gas prices and environmental concerns this workout plan provides more than just fitness benefits as well.

These are just several of the infinite workout plans that if executed properly and maintained can lead to substantial and long lasting health gains. More likely a combination of many workout plans will be most effective in achieving your fitness goals.

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