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Thinning Hair Remedy – Real Tips to Grow Your Hair Back

In this article I’m going to talk about a thinning hair remedy. Thinning hair is one of the worst things that can take away our self confidence and self identity. With hair loss, the psychological costs are had to deal with and often overlooked by many. If you are looking to treat this problem, the best way to do so is by treating it with a number of different solutions. Below are a few essential components you need for an effective thinning hair remedy. I hope you enjoy!


The first thing you should look to do is to provide your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to perform normal hair functions such as up-keeping it color, strength, and growth. Frequently hair loss is caused by a deficiency of certain essential vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin B3, otherwise known as Niacin, is important for your body to maintain its circulation in the scalp. You can find this vitamin in meats, chicken, fish, and brewer’s yeast. The recommended daily dosage of this vitamin is around 15 mg.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin helps to prevent your hair from becoming gray by providing your body with melanin (this gives your your hair its color). It is also used to prevent any hair loss. You can find this in foods such as whole grain cereals, egg yolk, and organ meats. Aim at taking around 1.6 mg per day.

Prevent DHT

DHT is the most harmful hormone that is responsible for the majority of your hair loss. It attaches to receptor sites in your hair follicles and eventually stops their growth. One of the best ways to stop DHT from occurring is through an herb called Saw Palmetto. It inhibits DHT from its root by hindering a certain enzyme called type II 5-alpha reductase from creating it. So if you take Saw Palmetto, it will help to prevent any additional hair loss.

Important Points to Note:

Although having proper nutrition and preventing DHT is important components of a thinning hair remedy, there is one other important component you need to add into your program. You should use Minoxidil, the only FDA approved ingredient that’s been clinically shown to stimulate new hair growth. When you combine a solid nutrition plan, DHT blockers such as Saw Palmetto, and hair stimulants such as Minoxidil into one program, it can effectively treat your hair. It can become a bit of hassle having to go out and find all of these components separately.

I suggest looking into certain herbal hair loss products because a few key products will encompass all of these important approaches to hair loss in a single program. It makes it much more convenient but more importantly, the results are a bit stronger going with these types of solutions.

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