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The Seven Tips to Get the Most Productive Workout

When working out you have to take in affect the basics. Just as any other sport lifting has, it is basics to. With these tips along with a proper food intake, you will have the potential to have great results.

1) The first basic tip is that you have to warm up properly. When warming up you have to take your time to get the right stretch, this usually takes five to ten minutes then you still got your warm up sets before you hit the weights hard. You want to do the stretching to the point because if you just jump right in you could pull something then you are done for weeks or even months. Therefore, it is very important to stretch.

2) The second tip is you have to keep the proper form no matter what. It is important to keep the right form so that you get the results, it is also important because you could seriously hurt yourself and there goes your career. This tip is one of the most important because it is where your serious training begins; you cannot be serious if you do not know what you are doing that. This is why it is very important.

3) The third tip is to change up your work out frequently. This you want to do because of muscle memory. If you do the same thing repeatedly, you get nothing out of it that is why you have to change you work out frequently. If you stay switching up your workout, it shocks the muscles and they grow both size and strength, it also hits every muscle big and small so you do not have any small injuries.

4) The fourth tip is progressive resistance. Progressive resistance is just adding weight and reps to your routine this helps your muscle grow in strength, size and even definition, more solid. When increasing in the areas you do not jump right in, you have to move slowly so you do not hurt your body. This is a great way to shock your muscles and keep improving in any way, shape, or form.

5) The fifth tip is to keep a journal log. To keep a journal log is a big commitment because you have to stay true to your routine. You cannot just right down the work out and forget about it you have to be all over that writing everything down from what you did that day in the gym to also keeping track about what you are eating to. To keep a log means you are serious and you have to do it to see any progress what so ever.

6) The sixth tip is to keep solid concentration when lifting. It all starts as soon as you pull into the parking lot, you have your game plan, what you’re going to lift, you have your music ready, and you have your necessities ready to go. When you walk into the gym, it is straight down to business no messing around because that is how people get hurt.

7) The seventh tip is to change your program frequently. Changing your workout around helps because it keeps your muscles guessing, which shocks your muscles and helps you grow in many ways, and it does not grow unless you shock them in one way or another. This causes you to hit every muscle including the ones that you do not know are there, and it keeps the muscle-growing equal so you have no problems later on in life.

If you follow these tips along with eating well it will help you become a better knowledgeable person with your workouts. These tips will also help you reach your goals and get to were you want to be with yourself as a person and a weight lifter or body builder.

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