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The Complete Work Out Routine – Your Guide to Thin Thighs

Being one of the largest muscles in the body, the inner thighs or quadriceps, is a very prominent part of the body. It affects the physical look and can cause frustration for those who have larger, disproportionate thighs.

But fret not, this article will give you the perfect work out routine to shape up those thighs, firming and slimming them to get your body ready for the beach, a vacation or a simple stroll down the park.

First and foremost, know what you want. Do you want thin thighs or do want to merely tone them? Your work out routine should keep these goals in mind as different exercises produce different results.

For slimming, couple this routine with a lot of cardio training like running or cycling. For toning, add strength training with more reps and medium weights. Also, consult with your trainer and physician before undergoing any work out routine.

It also helps to get enlightened about some concepts: one cannot exercise the thigh alone, in order to achieve discernable results, this guide to thin thighs has to be coupled with a total body, preferably aerobic, training regimen and a sensible diet. This guide recommends three sets of 12 repetitions for beginners, increasing in weight and repetitions as advised by your trainer.

Here are the four best exercises to get the shapely, thin and attractive thighs that you have always wanted:

Squats: This classic guarantees that you develop strength and work the entirely of the thigh muscles. Simply get a barbell with the appropriate weight, normally half of what you bench press, and place it along the length of your shoulder, supporting it with your hands. Bend your knees as low as you can while maintaining a straight back. Squats work because they put the strain on your entire thigh, effectively training the specific area.

Leg Press: Gauge the weight you train with carefully. A regular person should be able to leg press at least half of his or her body weight. Leg presses offer a relaxed position, supporting the back while on an inclined position. This is safe and offers maximum toning.

Leg Extension: Standard bench presses have leg extension and curl attached to them. Simply sit on the edge of the bench with your back on the barbell support and place the weight you prefer on the machine. Secure the weight with your foot and raise your legs to a vertical position. This exercise works the front of the thighs, toning them. As with any machine or weighted exercise, get maximum results by doing this slowly, maximizing the burn on your thighs.

Leg Curls: With the same machine, lie flat on your stomach and secure the weight with the back of your leg. “Curl” your leg inward but not all the way down. A 45-degree angle is recommended. Leg curls are the opposite of Leg extensions, working the back of the thigh area.

This work out routine, done religiously and correctly, tone, tuck and thin your thighs to cat-call worthy shape.

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