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The Broccoli Diet

Remember the time your mother told you to eat your vegetables? Here’s an additional reason why. If you are trying to lose weight and keep the weight off permanently, non starchy and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli can help if included in your diet plan. A broccoli diet is rich in fibers, great to taste and hassle free to cook.

Make broccoli an important part of your meal.

1. Have at least two servings of broccoli with your meals.

Just chop the broccoli into small pieces and boil till it turns bright green. Serve with a hint of butter and pepper and you have a tasty and healthy side dish. While on the broccoli diet since you are filling your stomach with the low-calorie high-fiber vegetable and not heavy fats and carbohydrates, you lose weight.

2. Broccoli is a great snack option.

Substitute your oily high-fat munchies with a bowl of great tasting broccoli soup. What you eat in between your meals greatly determines how successful your diet plan is going to be. In fact binge eating is one of the main reasons why diets fail despite people consciously monitoring their meals. So snack healthy when you are on the broccoli diet and you will most definitely lose weight.

3. Add variety to your broccoli diet.

This will enable you to maintain your diet for a longer period of time. Throw in some chicken pieces with the broccoli or mix it up with other vegetables every now and then. This will keep your taste buds satiated and also ensure that you stick to your diet and keep the weight off permanently.

Broccoli keeps you feeling full thus you don’t experience hunger. Starvation helps you lose weight only to a certain extent because it slows down your body’s metabolic rate and then you lose weight no longer. But the broccoli diet does not starve you. You keep eating but intake fewer calories. Your metabolic rate remains normal and you keep losing weight.

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