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Tenacity – A Prescription For Sure Success

Tenacity is probably the prime ingredient in attaining success. It is nothing but the ability to keep on going ahead, despite obstacles. Tenacity will help you go ahead of your peers even if they are endowed with better intellectual abilities. Tenacity is the perpetual quality that keeps you going forward with commitment, determination and sharp focus on your goal. Chrystal clear clarity about your goal is an essential precondition for building tenacity. Having something as goal, ability to ignore the roadblocks and keeping tenacity in actions are the essential ingredients of success anywhere.

One’s tenacity will be intense when he nurtures a dream that makes him gradually forget almost everything else and pursue it without caring the roadblocks that come on its way. If he can ignore all that disturbs him on his way, he is a sure candidate capable of achieving success. If you want to attain success, you may meet with failures but you should not give it up half way. When you find roadblocks and fail to resolve them, you may feel even committing suicide or may get into trauma. If you can continue it further despite such huddles, no doubt you will end up in success. When you do not give up, you would reach the bottom of your downward fall. Thereon you have only one choice – a reverse journey. You cannot face further failure when you reach the bottom in your downward fall. If you do not quit in such a situation, you will be crowned with success.

Let us look at the thoughts and life experiences of some of our great men. In a short commencement address when he was asked to explain his strategy that brought him success, Winston Churchil, one of the tenacious leaders the world have ever seen, advised the audience that “never, never, never, never, give up”. In his six- word speech, he was referring to the quality of tenacity as a sure success script, based on his lifelong learning and experience. Hitler succeeded in becoming a world leader only because of his untiring refusal to resign from his dream projects without even having slept luxuriously. Mao Tse-tung spent twenty two years, for bringing Communism into power in China without quitting half way. Thomas Alva Edison attained success in inventing a bulb after a series of discouraging failures due to his tenacity. He said once that inventors usually attempted to experiment something for a few times and gave up without trying for success. Murdock, the media baron, evinced the indomitable spirit in refusing to fail despite he was declared an insolvent carrying billions of debt in the year 1990. All of them showed that success would be the result of persistence and not of luck or chance.

Tenacious people never care about failures, not even successive failures, until they reach the edge of success. They keep in mind only about winning and not about losing. They see only the way up ahead, but do not look at the way down beneath. Confidence and indomitable spirit keep them going even in continuing failures. They wait and work for success tirelessly, even if success is beyond their easy reach. One needs to keep optimism in the midst of continuous failures which in turn will reverse their life path towards success. While working on anything, adversities may occur. Such adversities may stall the progress in work of the weak, but not that of the tenacious people. When a problem comes, the tenacious people would view it as an opportunity rather than a threat. It would be ideal to treat every set back as an opportunity. That would help you learn the reasons for failure and the way to avoid it in future. If you develop such an opportunity seeking habit even in failures, you cannot be kept away from success. When you confront a setback, take a look at it critically so as to learn what went wrong and what else could have avoided it.

For developing tenacity, you should build deep seated will power in your inner mind. It should not be a mere outward show, but an intense one arising out of your inner desire. For success, keep a positive goal clearly in your mind and allow nothing else to disturb your target. Absence of talents is not even viewed as a limitation in your attempt. If you have perseverance, a minimum level of talents would be sufficient to move ahead in your success stride. But an internal will to win is more an essential input than your talents.

You may have to suffer a lot of horrible indignities when you refuse to give up. Rejection may permeate your life while you continue your persistent chase for success. Never let any doubt on failure to creep in your mind during the desperate years of persevering work towards your goal. You should remain single minded in your pursuit towards success. Develop patience in your behaviour by all possible means so as to stand up undisturbed even in the midst of adversity. In order to develop patience, practice doing those things like threading a needle that require sharp focus of your mind.

Greater determination can be reinforced by sincerely reaffirming anything several times and that would be a refreshing input for tenacity. A firm belief that you can succeed is a prerequisite to continue with tenacity. When you do anything, make a vow to yourself that you should continue it up to a certain point of time. That is good for reinforcing tenacity.

Regular exercise will help you develop your inner strength, patience and tenacity. Proper food, proper breathing, proper rest, proper sleep and proper thinking are essential ingredients for developing the quality of tenacity. What is proper is to be determined based on biological principles and accumulated wisdom and not based on the dictates of the modern doctors who knows nothing other than prescribing chemical medicines for diseases. Doing exercise for longer duration will help you make the mind tenacious and strong. Yoga, meditation pranayama etc will help build up your tenacity. Laziness, disinterest, lack of confidence, impatience and lack of sincerity are enemies of tenacity.

Tenacity demands constant work, attention, sleeplessness, worries and sacrifices in realising your goals. Persistence with a purpose is a sure way to waiting, winning and attaining success. If you never give up, you cannot remain without attaining success.

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