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Summer Hair Care

Having endured a winter cocooned in a wrath of jumpers, woolly tights, Ugg boots and thermals it’s time for a spring clean. With summer nearly upon us we need to shed our woolly hat and start prepping our hair for sun, sea and frolics.

A winter of cold weather outside and hot heating inside will have played havoc on the condition of your locks, use La Biosthetique Arome Stimulant intensely revitalizing shampoo to snap you out of your winter blues, followed by Fudge Dynamite Condition treatment to inject some moisture back into your tresses.

For those of you lucky enough to be jetting off on holiday make sure you pack a few key items;

Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler- a mild product that will condition your hair whilst leaving it tangle free perfect to spritz on after a dip in the sea.

To keep hair soft and supple for the entire day Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist Aerosol will moisturize and prevent dryness. To protect your hair from the strong rays of the sun use Hempz Leave in Conditioner, and Paul Mitchell’s Super Strong Treatment conditioner- its rich lipid formula is perfect for rebuilding your sun damaged hair and guarding it for the rest of your hols.

For the unlucky rest of us who can’t make it abroad; recreate the sun, sand and sea experience with Schwarzkopf SEAH Hairspa. This new range contains rich ocean minerals and Amaranth Oil- a miracle ingredient that replenishes lost lipids whilst leaving hair weightless. All SEAH products have been designed to replenish the hairs inner structure, build the outer hair cuticle, leaving a long lasting feeling of body and volume whilst providing active blow drying protection. Of the range perhaps the most notable product is the Fango Mud, a clay detox mask that gently purifies the hair, leaving hair soft and your scalp tingling fresh – the perfect cure for that post BBQ hangover. If sea mineral shampoo doesn’t quite recreate that Ibiza feeling, slap on a Spraysun tan to at least create the illusion you have been away.

Just in time for the summer festivals Fudge have introduced an innovative new range of styling products called Pavement; a new concept of styling designed to challenge the ordinary. Membrane Gas is a new revolutionary ‘fixer’ that, with a puff of gas, allows you to style and shape your hair; it’s unique Dynamix Polymer ensuring that your look will stay without the stickiness and hardness of hairspray. Matte Magic is another from the Pavement; this time offering users with a paste that will allow you to manipulate your hair whilst giving you firm hold; what differentiates Matte Magic is its ability to hold your hair with no shine whatsoever, allowing you to perfect that just got out of bed look.

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