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Stretching Guide – Why Stretch?

Do you ever go to the gym and jump straight on the bench and stat to lift the heaviest weight known to man without a warm-up of stretch techniques. Don’t Do That!

If you do not know the reasons why you should stretch before and after a workout then read more. I will explain why the muscles have to warm-up first and the potential damage it can do to your body.

When training it is hard to fit it all around your busy life’s style and trying to train 3-4 times a week can be a stain, don’t forget to warm up and down. You may find yourself that you have only half an hour spare in which to train, and you might be thinking that you should just go straight into having a workout out. Please don’t, because you are about to put your muscle under allot of pressure just by doing your workout.

Muscles need to be warmed up before a workout even if you only have 30 minutes spare to train. You must raise your heart beat in order for your body to pump a better flow of oxygen and nutrients around the body which enables us to have a better range of motion when performing exercises. You should stretch your muscles for about 5-10 min before and after training to warm the temperature of the body up to eliminate injury like upper body stretches

1. Warm up the muscle group that your are working on which will allow more oxygen to the muscles

2. Repeat the actions that you are about to perform, this will allow your joints, muscles and nerves to speed up reactions

3. Do not over exert yourself in your warm-up, this will cause you to use stored energy needed to lift weights

Warm up sets can vary depending on the technique, for upper body warm-ups it’s recommended that a small warm-up is needed and for lower body workouts, jogging and cycling, will lubricate your knees and can prevent knee from injuries. Stretches for lower back should be done with care.

Make sure you do it the correct way, follow a stretching plan.

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