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Stress Relief For The Married Couple!

It definitely is important to look at stress relief for yourself so that you can live your life to the fullest.

What about as a married couple?

The stress that can affect you in so many different ways often will affect your spouse. Many times, some of the things that are causing your stress “are” the same things affecting your spouse. In many ways there is a direct correlation between you yourself and your loved one.

The married couple is often times responsible for the bulk of the stress each one deals with on any given time and on any given day…sometimes for days, months, or years on end!

I’m no counselor or anything and I don’t have a degree but…

I know! I know because I’ve been married for a very long time! I know because one of my children is married and going through some of the same things my wife and I have gone through. When I said earlier that stress can possibly go on for years…I wasn’t kidding! It’s been going on almost 25 years for me since I got married and to this day… my wife stresses the you know what out of me. I do the same I’m sure with her.

It’s just a few things but definitely relevant things. She likes money and enjoys spending it. I don’t want her spending it all. I want sex 24 hours a day. She used to until she ate wedding cake. I want this and she wants that. Those are just a couple of examples but issues that we’ve been dealing with for years.

What I’m trying to say is this. If you are married and really want to cut down on the amount of stress that occurs in your life, nip it now! At this moment of your life. Talk to your loved one and go over each issue that seem to be reoccuring. Deal with them and life gets easier. Stress relief for yourself and your spouse can be as simple as a conversation.

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