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Stress Relief – 3 Top Tips on Water Feature Types For Washing Away Your Stress

Water has a way of bring stress relief to people. You can exercise in it, sit in it, watch it, listen to it, and feel it. Water is for all of your senses. But it can be used for stress relief as well.

1- Water features where you go everyday. When you are out and about doing errands, find a coffee shop with and outside fountain. Sitting by the fountain will afford you the chance to relax. By listening and watching the water your immediate stresses will melt away.

2- Water features where you go to play. While planning a short trip for the weekend, try a park close to where you live. Pick one that has a small lake associated with it, a few picnic tables and some water birds like geese and swans. These land locked lakes have small fountains to aid in moving the water so you always have refreshing sounds. The addition of the water birds, gives you a chance to watch the calmness of nature at her best. By focusing on the water and its movements you will find your stresses relieved with out much effort on your part. Be sure to bring a small picnic lunch to add to the healthiness of the experience.

3- Water features where you nurture yourself. Having a water feature in your home is an incredible way to self nurture. These water features are not hard to set up and maintain, and they do not cost very much. These electric little marvels some times come with a small assortment of polished stones and have a design that cascades water down through the stones. This concept gives you the visual of the flowing water and the sounds of water splashing on the stones. The immediate effect is your stress relief and the lasting effect is that you will find that this sets the environmental tone of calm in your home.

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