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Stop a Panic Attack Techniques – How to Stop a Panic Attack Quickly and Easily

If you have frequent panic attacks do not despair. There are now simple techniques you can learn to help you stop panic attacks quickly and easily and eventually cure panic attacks completely. Here we will share with you some simple ways to help you learn how to stop a panic attack.

We will introduce you straight away into some of ways you can use relaxation to stop a panic attack. These techniques have been tested and proven through research and actual application to stop panic attack quickly and effectively.

Now, deep breathing technique is one of the quickest ways you can use to stop a panic attack from embarrassing you. It enables you to calm down your body and oxygen flows to your brain cell which in turn makes you feel lightheaded. The deep breathing technique is also called diaphragmatic breathing and is very important technique to learn if you what to quickly know of how to stop a panic attack. The challenge now is when you are experiencing anxiety, focusing on proper deep breathing can be very difficult task. The deep breathing technique requires you to breathe directly from your diaphragm and is the type of deep breathing you do during meditation. This technique is simple and anyone can practice it when you begin to feel the symptoms of panic attack.

You can try this breathing technique right now to experience the health benefits of proper deep breathing. You will get a straw with a relatively small diameter, not one of the new one with huge diameters designed for fast consumption. Pick up the straw and hold it very lightly in your fingers. Inhale naturally through your nose (be sure not to force your inhalation in any way). When you are ready to exhale, place one end of the straw between your lips and make sure your face and the straw are pointed straight ahead. Use your fingers to ensure that the straw does not dangle toward the ground. Your lips and face should be very relaxed. As you exhale, let the exhalation take place naturally and gently only through the straw (we suggest that you pinch your nose closed with the fingers of your other hand to be sure that no air to be exhaled through your nose). Do not use force as you exhale. Just exhale in a relaxed, natural way, being sure that the air leaves only through the straw. When your exhalation is almost complete (80-90 percent), take the straw out of your mouth, close your mouth, finish your exhalation in a natural, relaxed way through your nose, and then simply wait for the inhalation to occur on its own. After using the straw for one exhalation, just breathe normally (without the straw) for two or three breaths through your nose, letting your breath settle by itself into a natural rhythm. Then, inhale through your nose again, return the straw to your mouth, and repeat the entire process.

You can work in this way four or five minutes at a time on the first day, and then add a minute or two each day until you can breathe in this way for 10 minutes or more at a time without any discomfort. You can do the exercise several times throughout the day. During or after each session, you may find yourself stretching, yawning, and so on. This is quite normal especially at the beginning. If at any time during the exercise you find yourself short of breath, hyperventilating, or having any other experience that does not feel quite right, simply stop and let your breathing normalize for several natural breaths before continuing.

If you work with this exercise on a regular basis, you will soon observe your breathing becoming spontaneously fuller, slower, and freer. Some people have noticed dramatic changes in just one or two sessions.

One other ways you can stop a panic attack quickly and easily is to refocus your mind from the physical symptoms of panic attack you may be experiencing. This involves redirecting your thinking to other areas of interest and removing your mind from the source of discomfort. The technique of using a rubber band around your wrist and snap it gently on your arm works.

These techniques are without medication and they have been tested to help you learn how to stop a panic attack. Remember, God has not given us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Once you make your mind sound your body will be sound. Practice the techniques and you will soon learn how to stop a panic attack quickly and effectively and in no time, you will stop completely panic attacks from your life and you will be teaching others the techniques too.

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