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Sacred Heart Diet

The Sacred Heart Diet is designed for people to lose weight quickly over a seven day period. The main source of food is a soup made of vegetables and broth. It is said that up to ten pounds can be shed on this seven day diet plan. This diet also claims to cleanse the body of harmful toxins and give the body a burst of energy.

This diet has also been called several names including the Cabbage Soup Diet, The Cleveland Clinic Diet and the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital Diet.

(Even though it has been rumored that this diet comes from the Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital, there is no evidence to support this claim.)

The Sacred Heart Diet eliminates the following foods:

o alcohol

o bread

o carbonated drinks such sodas and diet sodas

o fried foods

Beverages that are allowed are:

o coffee

o skim milk

o unsweetened fruit juices

o tea and herbal teas

o plenty of water

The ingredients of the sacred heart diet soup vary. The following are common ingredients:

o green onions

o beef broth

o soup mix

o celery

o green beans

o carrots

o green peppers

o stewed tomatoes

o potatoes

All vegetable are to be cut into small pieces and covered with water and then brought to a boil and cooked over high heat for ten minutes and then the vegetables should be simmered until tender. Salt and pepper, parsley, curry powder and bouillon can be used for seasoning if so desired.

The guidelines are detailed and should be strictly followed for best results. The soup can be eaten everyday because it does not add calories.

The seven day sacred heart diet plan is as follows:

Day One – eat any fresh fruit with the exception of bananas. Only the soup and fruit are to be eaten on day one

Day Two – eat raw, cooked, or canned vegetables. Dry beans, corn and peas should be avoided. A baked potato and butter should be eaten at dinnertime

Day Three – the soup, fruits and vegetables are to be eaten

Day Four – consume a minimum of three bananas and as much skim milk as desired

Day Five – eat ten to twenty ounces of lean beef and a can of tomatoes or as many as six fresh tomatoes

Day Six – eat any desired amount of beef and vegetables. The soup can be eaten as well, but a baked potato can not be eaten

Day Seven – eat brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and fresh vegetables. Cooked fresh vegetables can be added to the rice if desired

The con side of this diet is that it can be very restrictive for many people and there is not any evidence that this diet results in weight loss. And there is the risk of gorging on foods once the seven day period is over because of these restrictions. Nor are there any guidelines for maintaining long term weight loss.

The pro side of the scared heart diet is that it offers many health benefits such as the consumption of fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Plus this diet is rich with nutrients, minerals and fiber and does not include any refined sugars, flour or fat.

Research has found that the Sacred Heart Diet is more effective when used in conjunction with the official acai diet. Acai is a berry that grows in the Brazilian rain forest, and has been enjoyed by natives for hundreds of years. It has dozes of anti-oxidant properties and accelerates the metabolic process which makes your body burn calories faster and lose weight more rapidly. You can learn more about how to use the Sacred Heart Diet in conjunction with the acai diet at Official Acai Diet [].

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