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Routines For Building Muscle – Workout Programs For Women, Beginners and Professionals

Routines for building muscle should depend on what an individual wants to achieve. Is it greater muscle mass? Is the routine for bulking up and increasing weight? Or is it just for toning the muscles and to keep physically fit. Below, we look at some routines that fit different sets of goals.

Workout for beginners

A beginner body builder should start slowly. There is nothing worse than shocking your muscles into response with heavy-duty routines. Aside from potential injuries, starting big immediately can also cause one to give up the routine altogether which could result in worse form and bad muscle tone. For beginners, the focus should be mainly on the technique or the routine itself and not on the amount of weight being lifted or the intensity of the routine being done.

A workout program for beginners usually starts with a 10-minute warmup. This is followed by basic routines designed to tone the muscles in various parts of the body; such as the chest, back, triceps and biceps, the shoulders and the legs. Some of the most commonly used workout routines for beginners are bench press, tricep dips, barbell curls, leg press and military press.

Workout for women

Most women just want to tone their muscles and keep fit, but not really bulk up. Except for professional female body-builders, women who exercise are more into toning and shaping their bodies rather than into building muscle mass. For women, routines can range from simple squats, bench press and crunches to a medium workout that could include cardio and resistance training.

As any other routine, this should start with a warm-up consists of stretching and aerobic activities. The main elements of muscle-toning exercises are upper back stretch, shoulder stretch and bicep and tricep stretches and abdominal stretch.

Professional workout routine

Routines for people who are serious in adding muscle mass are usually focused on compound exercises. These exercises involve movements that include more than one joint and more than one group of muscles. Such workout routines normally include barbell bench press, dips, deep squats, crunches, military press and bicycle floor abs crunch. These routines are usually spread out in a five-day exercise program, with reps and sets far higher than those designed for beginners and individuals who are merely toning their muscles.

The nature of routines for building muscles usually depend on the goal of the individual. Whether it is for toning the muscles, for bulking up and adding muscle mass or just merely for keeping fit, it is important to have a well-designed exercise routine and a professional fitness guide to achieve the goals that a person has set for himself.

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