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Reasons of Hair Loss and Its Natural Remedy

Hair loss can happen to everyone because of its growth cycle – it grows, it rest, and then falls out. This cycle repeats yearly. About ninety percent of a person’s scalp hair is growing, a phase that lasts between two and six years, at any time. Between two and three months, ten percent of the scalp hair is in a resting phase that lasts. The hair goes through a flaking phase, at the end of its resting stage.

The normal shedding of our hair is considered fifty to one hundred a day. It is replaced by a new hair from the same follicle located just beneath the skin surface when a hair is shed. About one inch a month, scalp hair grows. The same material that is found in toenails and fingernails, hair is made up of protein. To maintain normal production, every one of us, regardless of age, should eat a sufficient amount of protein. You can found protein in chicken, meat, egg, fish, some dried beans, cheese, nuts, tofu, and grains.

About fifty percent of the population experience normal hair loss by the time they reach fifty, but abnormal hair loss can be due to many different causes. You should consult a doctor if you notice hair is shedding in large amount after brushing or combing or if your hair becomes thinner and falls out.

The dream of most people is possessing thick and plentiful or luxuriant hair covering the scalp. Though, very often this dream is eclipsed by the nightmare of large level hair loss. The causes and reasons of hair loss may be countless.

By detecting the symptoms bringing into effect the proper preventive treatments can stop hair loss even before it begins. The medications for lupus or diabetes diseases can cause hair loss. As an early indication of the disease hair loss can happen. The hair loss stops when the administration of such medicines producing hair loss is discontinued.

Hair loss can happens when you are lacking of proper nutrition – not enough intakes of minerals, proteins and vitamins. Ensuring right and proper nutrition typically can prevent hair loss. You may lose much hair as after effect of a major surgery or illness. Although, this loss is considered temporary and is related to the stress or illness by the surgical operation carried out.

Hair loss may also results from hormonal imbalances. Also when thyroid glands are not working it may cause hair loss.

You can use herbal remedies for your hair loss. You may research on internet to learn more about herbal remedies and to get other general information about hair loss. Yes, there are heaps of these remedies online but make sure to use the right one that can work best for you. Do a little research.

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