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Prescription Acne Treatment – An Accurate Way Of Taking Care Of Acne Conditions

Prescription acne treatment is meant for various skin conditions. Due to a variety in skin texture acnes need to be treated using multiple prescription drugs and medications. Prescription medicines containing peroxides are extremely useful for treating acnes of all sorts. Such medicines can cure zits, blackheads and other skin blemishes.

The effectiveness of prescription drugs and medications for curing acnes

When acnes are severe some prescription medications may not seem effective. In such cases it is better if you consult a dermatologist who will definitely help you to choose the correct medication for acne treatment. All prescription acne medicines do not work well for all acne types – the dermatologist knows it well.

Prescription drugs containing retinoids are good enough for treating acute acne conditions. They help to keep the pores clean and prevent the breakout of harmful acnes. However, the major drawback of a prescription drug is that it makes the skin highly sensitive especially when it comes under the direct rays of the sun.

Some consider antibiotics to be the best prescription medications for acne conditions. Now, this entirely depends on the severity of the acnes and expertise of the dermatologist in prescribing antibiotics for a proper acne cure. However, it is not very easy to say that which prescription medication would best suit your acne condition.

Now, everybody does not get the opportunity to go to a dermatologist. They can ask the pharmacists and go for over the counter medication for treating annoying acne conditions. Even the pharmacists in some cases can tell you which medicine will best suit your acne type.

Prescription acne medicines are meant for severe and acute acne conditions and they are expensive as well. However, some medicines come with vigorous side effects. So, they should be taken as par doctor’s advice.

The most common prescription drugs available in the market today

BENZAC AC – As a highly effective bactericidal and anti-inflammatory substance Benzac AC is a top graded topical solution. This solution can effectively take care of bacterial growth, whiteheads and blackheads. It also controls the amount of oil production. Benzac AC is both available as face washes and gels. Initially it can cause immense skin irritation causing unfavorable redness, peeling and dryness.

ERYTHROMYCINE – It is a standard oral medication having immense acne fighting capacity. This is quite a safe drug which can be consumed both by pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, when you are pregnant and you are taking erythromycine it is essential that you inform your doctor. The medicines do have some common side effects but they are not so harmful for lactating and pregnant mothers.

RETIN-A – This is a completely oil free topical acne product. It is in fact the first prescribed topical acne medicine. It is the first topical medicine to be used in Enhanced Derm Technologies’ unique Microsponge system. After direct application of RETIN – A on the skin the skin feels warm with mild stinging and redness. This is followed by occasional peeling of the skin. However, the effects are no more there after some days as your skin gets adjusted to the medication within a short span of time.

ACCUTANE – This is a widely used prescribed acne medication with several side effects. Usually doctors prescribe it more than other medicines. However, you should always take this medicine when prescribed by an expert dermatologist.

Apart from these medications dermatologists also prefer suggesting the usage of benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, chemical peels, antibiotics, and oral contraceptives for the proper healing of acne conditions.

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