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Panic Attacks – Causes and Solutions For Panic Attacks!

Panic attacks are common occurrences of acute anxiety accompanied by physical sensations such as shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle tension and a racing pulse. They can be terrifying because they literally descend upon us out of the blue and send us into a tailspin. One moment we were fine; the next, we do not know what has hit us.

For some people, panic attacks rear their heads occasionally, either when they are stressed or ill, but others can experience recurring and unexpected episodes. It is necessary to get help because without it, you may end up avoiding situations for fear of another attack, thus limiting your life in the process.

Some things that can inadvertently trigger panic attacks because the body is flooded with stress chemicals include the following:

1. Caffeine

2. A traumatic event

3. Hyperventilating

4. Excessive physical exercise

5. Chronic stress

6. Illness

7. Some medication such as tranquillisers

8. Alcohol

9. Dehydration

10. Magnesium deficiency

So, it is wise to take good care of yourself by drinking plenty of water and limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol.

It is vital to have a physical check-up as soon as your experience your first attack, to rule out any other illnesses that may be causing your symptoms such as asthma, overactive thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism after childbirth, inner ear problems, diabetes or heart problems. If your symptoms are due to an illness, they should disappear when you are treated.

The following are suggestions to help when you are experiencing panic attacks. They may sound ridiculous and the very last thing you feel like doing when you are feeling terrified, but they will help you, if you try and put them into practise:

1. Although your instinct might be to run away, if you sit down wherever you are and ride this out, you will find that you have survived and this will give you strength to deal with any other episodes if they recur. This is not an easy thing to do but if you manage it, it will empower you.

2. Distract your mind by finding colourful things and see how many you can spot. Choose the colour red for example, repeat it to yourself and look around and then move on to blue or yellow. This will give your mind a different focus and take it off your symptoms.

3. Deep and slow breathing will help your body and mind to relax. Stress and relaxation cannot co-exist. If you are able to focus on your breathing and get into a slow rhythm without worrying about what is going on around you, you will calm down.

Panic attacks whilst terrifying and highly uncomfortable to experience can be overcome with appropriate support.

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