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P90X Motivation – 3 P90X Motivation Tips You Need To Know

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately asking me about P90X motivation, especially this time of year. It’s so hard to stay on track over a period of time but if you can keep focused you can reach your goals. Trust in the training and you will see the results.

Here are 3 P90X motivation tips that have helped me lose the weight and I believe can help you if you are serious about taking off that unwanted fat.

1] Don’t get overwhelmed: Too many people start off with the right mindset only to find themselves frustrated that they are unable to keep up at first. Remember, do your best and forget the rest. Each day you will find yourself able to do more of the exercises. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen and trust me when you like back after 90 days you will be impressed by how far you have come.

2] Set a schedule: P90X has to become as routine as brushing your teeth. Too often people will get sidetracked by other things and never get around to their workout. You would never think about leaving the house without brushing your teeth so why would be taking care of your body be any different.

3] Tell everyone you know: That’s right I said tell everyone that you are starting P90X and in 90 days you’re going to be in great shape. It’s exactly what I did to keep me motivated. On those days I didn’t feel like doing my workouts I knew I had told everyone what I was doing so there was no option. There is nothing like putting yourself out there. For example I put my before photo on Facebook and then kept updating it each week with my progress. I know that’s not for everyone perhaps but it held me accountable.

Hopefully these P90X motivation tips will help you on your fitness journey and lead you to a healthier and happy you.

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