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Nutritional Needs For Teenagers – A Healthy Diet Plan

The nutritional needs for teenagers are the same as for the rest of the population. However, their great rate of growth necessitates a greater proportional amount of nutrients. If they are very active then the nutritional needs for teenagers may also include a higher need for calories.

Regardless of their activity levels teenagers must learn that fast food is bad for them. Fast food should be avoided because of its lack of essential nutrients and its sizeable contribution to teenage obesity.

Nutritional Needs For Teenagers

Consuming a totally raw vegetable diet is not necessary for teen weight loss. Making minor alterations in a teenager’s diet can result in major changes in their health and well being.

For instance, instead of eating a fat laden cheeseburger from the local fast food joint they can try substituting low fat turkey burgers. This can be effective if they are trying to follow a low fat, high protein diet.

Going natural and eating a raw food diet for one meal per day will help any teen lose weigh naturally.

What is a raw food diet?

Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet can be as simple as a huge salad for lunch. That’s a filling and healthy lunch food. Many of the fast food joints offer salads. All a teen has to do is buy a salad instead of ordering their usual fast foods.

If a teen (or anyone else, for that matter) eats a healthy lunch that includes raw vegetables they can forget planning a special menu of low fat diet foods for the evening meal. One raw food meal per day will allow them to then follow the new food pyramid suggestions for a satisfying dinner.

That’s a good healthy diet for any teen and will go a long way in reducing teenage obesity.

The nutritional needs for teenagers can be met with a minimum of stress. Following the new food pyramid suggestions and adding raw vegetables to their diet is a good starting place.

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