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Natural Bodybuilding Tips – How to Build a Workout Routine For Fast Muscle Building Results

To build muscle, it takes determination, consistency, the proper nutrition, and a smart weight lifting routine, to obtain the muscular physique of a natural bodybuilder.

On this page, I will shed light on the proper measures each individual should take, in order to achieve a well rounded, muscular, striated physique.

Here’s a list of my top suggestions for building a workout routine for the fastest muscle building results:

1. Never over train. What is over training? Over training is when you do not allow your body the proper rest or days off to fully recuperate and rebuild. Try training every other day for no longer than 60 minutes in each workout.

2. Pick 4 exercises for each body part, and rest for no longer than 2 minutes between each workout set.

3. It isn’t necessary to work any muscle group more than once a week. When it comes to building a workout routine, more is not always better.

4. 10 repetitions for your first set is a perfect amount.

5. 4 sets for every exercise movement is plenty.

6. Try pairing two body parts per workout.

7. Add cardio after your weight training, or on some of your off days for extra fat loss. About 30 minutes of cardio is plenty at high intensity.

8. If you’re the type that counts calories, then 15 calories for every 1 pound of body weight is a good amount for building muscle, and losing body fat.

9. Change your routine completely every few weeks to give your muscles variety. I change my workout routine every 3 or 4 weeks.

10. Oxygen is important during your lifts; make sure to breathe in on the downward motions, and then breathe out on the upward motions.

11. Basic workout gear that gets the job done just fine includes: Barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bar, and of course a workout bench with weights.

12. When performing your repetitions, try to make sure that you are fully engaging the muscle by fully concentrating on the intended muscle group that you are working.

13. Make sure you get a full range of motion when performing any exercise.

14. Make sure you warm your muscles up by stretching before you begin your workout.

15. Always make sure you enjoy your workout routine. Never hesitate tweaking your routine occasionally to better suite your needs. It’s crucial to enjoy your workouts because a better routine allows for better muscular contractions.

I hope this helps you gain some nice results. Apply all of this information and I assure you that your muscle building results will come a lot faster!

Thanks for reading.

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