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Muscle Building Workout Routine Tips For Extreme Muscle Mass and Power

Ever wonder what kind of workout routine should be used to increase muscle mass and power? I’ve explored lots of workout routines, and have noticed that slight changes to routines can make all the difference. Here are some things that I have learned throughout the years…

Add weight to your exercises every week or two. It can be 2 lbs, 5 lbs, etc… As long as you keep adding weight, your muscles will keep adapting to the amount of weight, making them grow.

You will hear a lot about doing lower reps to build mass… But you know what? We are going to throw that out the window. Instead of stopping at, let’s say… 6 or 8 reps… I want you to rack the weight, rest for 10 seconds, then push out a couple more.

So if you originally were only able to do about 6 or 8 reps for your first set… I want you to push out even more, after a short rest. Do this for each set. Take a 1 or 2 minute rest, then do it all over again. This will work great! It will force your muscle under extreme intensity, and force the body to recruit more muscle fibers to take action.

I’ve actually designed a few workout routines using this method, and I’ve gained some really good mass building results. If you do choose to use this method in your routine, be sure that you at least do it for about 2 weeks, before changing to a new one.

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