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Mentalism Tricks – Harness Your Intuitive Ability With These Mentalism Tricks Revealed

Mental abilities of the people make them more efficient than all other people with the same qualifications. Mind can be viewed both a subset and a superset of the brain; the brain too can be viewed as either the superset or the subset of the mind. Science has been revealing more and more in the recent past about the indispensable connection between the mind and the brain.

There have been the ancient practices like yoga to boost your mind. The mantras and sutras in many cultures were not merely to worship their gods but instead to boost their mind with the selective vibration of each of those slogans. There have also been the methods of physical stimulation which in turn causes the mental stimulation virtually. In acupuncture, there are several spots in which you set the needles in specific depths so that the nerves in those areas are stimulated. Through specific stimulations, an acupuncture expert can make your mental abilities to boost.

Psychics often perform actions of removing your fears or boosting your confident by a few mentalism tricks. But the mental initiation can do more than just making a person confident. There have been people all around the world all over the times with great intuitive abilities. These people were of different talents, but they all shared one thing in common – great intuition. And their great intuitions always had a regular practice of some deed. These differed from individual to individual but they all practiced their own methodologies to perform and to rejuvenate their intuitive abilities.

You can practice your own intuitive boosting methodologies. Anyone can do these, but everyone has to find out which method suits them best. Once they find out the practice that best harnesses their intuitive ability, the rest is up to them!

A few methods are,

-to get up earlier than usual from bed and then sitting in relaxed position (the lotus position is often preferred) and close your eyes and start thinking of having a dream of whatever you want to. This practice enables the persons conscious and sub conscious mind to touch edge to edge but not closing each other. After days of practice the person will reveal that there is a positive change in their intuitive ability.

-to breath very slowly but regularly without making it hard to breath, laying in the bed, looking at a pitch black scene in your ceiling. You can surely use a piece of black cloth. While the person is looking at the black cloth and breathing slowly, they start seeing images over time. But this is not to be done in a dizzy time. Take a good time in the day when you are relaxed.

-to sit down or sit in a chair where there is a mirror placed in front of you approximately in 50cm distance and look at your eyes in the mirror image. Over time and practice, you will see your image disappearing and the mirror becoming black. When you pass this stage, you enter wonder world! This experience cannot be explained, it has to be experienced.

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