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Lacking Natural Vitality? How To Get and Keep Natural Vitality

If you are searching for improved wellness, I believe that sharing experiences can help us all to find our own solutions for vitality and wellness faster. I had some experiences in this area in recent years; here are some tips for finding your natural vitality:

How to feel more awake naturally

Some simple stretches (as aptly demonstrated in those videos they play at the start of airplane trips) or movement-practices (deep breathing, yoga, qi-gong, tai chi, and dance, etc) may be useful.

Visualisation (e.g., of doing cart wheels on the beach) also works for some, or other forms of sound, vision or movement meditations.

A sniff of pure peppermint, wild orange, or other calming and balancing essential oils also works wonders quickly. These are all easy to carry around in a pocket or purse and you can use all day when you need a pick-me-up. A 20 to 30 minute warm bath with essential oils also allows you to inhale the aroma (add the oils after the bath has been filled, and swirl the water gently).

You can also diffuse the oils in your home to get the aroma using any of a variety of diffusers available on the market. Diffusing essential oils is however not recommended in households where anyone has asthma or serious respiratory conditions, or in offices where co-workers may have health conditions you are not aware of. Even if diffusing essential oils is not an irritant for you, this does not mean it isn’t for another person. Essential oils can be irritants, just like any non-natural or natural medicine, so it can be important to be cautious about diffusing. At minimum, discuss with your health care practitioner that you would like to diffuse oils and check that there is currently no wheezing – then return to your doctor after diffusing oils for a few days, to check if any wheezing has been triggered or worsened in anyone who has asthma in your household.

How to feel lighter, physically

Being your ideal weight is the best way to natural vitality. Maintaining an ideal weight generally involves eating sensibly-sized meals and snacks 3 to 6 times per day. Clothes naturally feel comfortable and the belly never feels heavy. There is much literature about healthy eating and maintaining an ideal weight. Finding a solution for healthy eating is an important strategy for feeling light.

How to be energetic and enthusiastic

When considering how to feel natural vitality, we need to lighten up emotionally. Emotional freedom skills are important life-skills, and can be acquired through books or from professionals (psychologists, yoga instructors, etc). Another option is to use alternative wellness therapies like essential oils (which can be used easily at home after appropriate manufacturer and professional advice), Bach flower remedies (which require visits to a naturopath or other natural health practitioner), or countless other therapies.

Also, whether you use breathing and meditating before making decisions, or use a formal systematic decision-making system (there are a lot if you search the web) on a white-board or paper, learn to make good decisions.

Natural ways to get glowing skin

Using the right skin cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen and covering up between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm are the basics for glowing skin. Getting the blood pumping through your body with regular exercise is also a basic habit for glowing skin.

Good gut health is likely also important. A scientific theory of the connection between gut and skin has long been in development. Good reviews existed in 1971 (ref 1, 2), and research continues (ref 3). Eastern medicine has also long connected skin-health with the gut. Learning about this topic may be an important natural way to get glowing skin. Probiotics, gut-healing foods, gut-healing essential oils are sold for improving gut-health.


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