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Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

It is well known that most sodas on the market these days aren’t as healthy as we would like them to be. This is terrible because people in western society consume a large amount of soda on a daily basis and this means a lot of extra calories that you could have done without.

If you recently decided to give up regular sodas and try to drink diet sodas instead,  Good for you. You’ve taken an important step to help you lose weight.

But before you begin patting yourself on the back, you should know that you’re far from done. Drinking diet soda may be better for you than regular sodas, but these are still far from the healthiest drinks you can choose to have.

When we examine out eating routine, we mostly look at solid foods and ignore what we drink. This is a shame because we easily consume hundreds of calories through our drinking and we hardly notice it. Diet sodas are a main culprit.

Is diet soda bad for you?

The answer is a resounding yes and for a number of reasons:

1. Sodas bad for your teeth – although diet sodas contain far less sugar than regular sodas and are mostly made up of artificial sweeteners, they’re still highly acidic and may damage your teeth in the long run.

2. Diet soda can make you gain weight – even though diet drinks contain less calories than the original beverage, it that they’re really that good. They might still be rich in calories. In addition, there’s nothing like sweetened drinks to help you develop a craving for other sweet food, which means more calories.

3. Drinking diet sodas makes you drink less of more healthy beverages like water, green tea, or natural juices. You’re missing out on the good things and sticking to the bad.

4. Drinking unhealthy drinks often makes you crave to snack. I often see people who drink bad stuff munch away on pretzels or other quick snacks which just stuff them with calories.

5. Aspartame, which is the sweetener which is often used to flavor diet sodas is the subject of much debate. There is research that links it to tumors in animals. It is currently deemed safe by the FDA, but there are numerous side effects concerning this chemical.

Remember, drinking can harm your diets even more than eating, because drinking doesn’t really make you any less hungry. All in all, diet sodas can be bad for you and they don’t contribute anything that’s for sure.

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