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How to Stimulate New Hair From Dormant Follicles Naturally

Do you know that just because your hair follicles get into the dormant stage, they can actually still be regrown if you take the proper steps? It’s true, even though some of your may have stopped growing, you can still regrow it. Read this to learn how to stimulate new hair from dormant follicles naturally.

The first thing you’ll need to know, is what areas do you want your hair to regrow. Next, take your fingernails and lightly tap them on the areas of your head where your hairs have gone in the dormant stage, when they are no longer growing. Tapping your fingernails lightly on your scalp can have remarkable results in reviving those dormant hairs.

The science lies in physical stimulation, basically the constant tapping of your fingernails will “wake-up” your sleeping hairs and force them to grow again. How does happen you ask? Well, the main reason they went into the dormant phase in the first place is because they have been receiving less and less blood, tapping your fingernails on your head forces the blood to go to the surface, essentially feeding your hair follicles.

How to stimulate new hair from dormant follicles naturally – the oil method

You can also do this by getting some almond oil, and mixing all-naturally cayenne pepper, and ginger powder. Put some of this mixture on your scalp where you want to grow new hair naturally, and you will notice new hair fuzz within a few weeks.

The spicy and hot cayenne drastically increases blood circulation and the ginger is an anti-inflammatory which cools your hair and skin so that they don’t get irritated. The oil is just the carrier so that your scalp absorbs all of the properties.

For best results, use these methods at least 3-5 times per week, preferable at night when you are at the comfort of your home.

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