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How to Pursue a Woman – Top 5 Tips

Pursuing a woman you like takes patience and diligence. Getting the end result you are looking for is not going to happen overnight. Whether you are shy or whether you have all the confidence in the world does not make a hoot of difference in this case. The steps you must take to get the girl of your dreams are all the same. If you want to pursue her, then you want something more, something deeper. This requires a whole different mindset.

1. Find Out What She Likes

The easiest way to do this in the beginning is to talk to some of her friends and get your ideas from them. You want to know what her favorite flowers are, or what music she listens to. What does she like to do for fun? Does she like teddy bears, or is she more of a sports fan? You definitely want to tell them that you are interested in her but do not want to let her know yet. This assures them that you are not a psycho maniac out to stalk or attack their friend. It also tells them you are not yet ready to release your secret to her, and hopefully they have the ability to keep it to themselves.

2. Pique Her Interest

Send her small gifts to her apartment every now and then. If she likes carnations, send her a bouquet with a note that reads, “Hope these brighten your day.” Another gift can be a balloon bouquet with a card that says, “You lift my spirits whenever I see you.” Doing small things like this in the beginning piques her interest and gets her excited about the secret admirer she has out there in the world. The more gifts you send, the more she will focus on you. This makes the unveiling even more exciting for you both.

3. Make an Appearance

The last gift at her door should be you. When you know she is home, dress nice but casual, throw on some great cologne and appear with a box of the finest chocolates in town. Swallow your nerves as you knock on her door. When she appears, smile widely and use the line from your first card so she will know instantly it was you. We are going to go with the best case scenario here: she invites you in. During the time you spend with her, get to know her better. Be honest with her about how you feel and ask her out to dinner. Chances are she will say yes. If by chance she does not, or if you do not get invited in, do not give up. Pursuing a woman is not always easy and you must be consistent.

4. Be Yourself

While at dinner that evening it is imperative that you be yourself. It does no good to take the time to pursue this woman and then be a yes man. If you are lucky enough to still be dating two months down the road, you will only be the man who went out of his way to impress her. This is not healthy. Now is the time to let the very best of who you are shine through. Yes, spend a good bit of time hanging on her every word, but let her see inside you, too.

5. Be Consistent

This is for the fellows who weren’t let in at the door, or who were turned down for the date. You cannot give up. If you are going to start something, then finish it. This doesn’t mean you send her a gift the next day. Wait a bit. You must think, though, you may have caught her by surprise and perhaps she just wasn’t ready. There are a million reasons she did what she did, but you cannot stop. Just do not get to the point of creepy. Put in some more time, talk to her a little bit longer. You will know when to call it quits.

Anything worth having is worth fighting for, or so they say. This is true for many, and I am sure it fits your situation perfectly. You must prepare yourself for every possible scenario when you pursue a woman, though. If you are prepared mentally and emotionally everything will work out just fine.

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