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How to Prevent Hair Loss and Keep a Fuller Head of Hair

Are you slowly losing your hair? Is there some on your pillow each morning that shouldn’t be there? This article can help you learn how to prevent hair loss by protecting that mane!

One of the best ways to keep your locks from falling out is to be careful with exposing them to chemicals and heat. Try not to use harsh mixtures like dyes on your head more often than every eight weeks. If you are especially against your hair turning grey, at least choose a fairly light dye. Applying direct heat for too long or too often can also be harmful. Go easy on the hairdryers and curling irons because they can destroy your tresses and also your scalp.

A good, healthy diet is also an aid in avoiding the loss of your hair. Stay away from large amounts of sugar and salt. Instead, consume fresh fruits and vegetables more often. Add calcium to your diet as well. This natural element strengthens follicles and the roots in your scalp. Dairy products, beans and nuts, and broccoli and oranges are good sources for it. Fish also contains a good amount of calcium. You can also find supplements on the market if you do not care for these foods.

There are a few common natural home remedies that can help you, too. Vitamin A promotes sebum in the scalp because it is a natural antioxidant. Taking Vitamin E keeps your hair follicles in good production because it increases circulation. A daily head massage of simply a few minutes can greatly stimulate circulation, especially when using oil like lavender. It has been said you can also rub ginger, garlic, or onion juice onto your hair. Don’t mix them- just pick one. It will probably smell bad though.

If you are tired of losing your once thick mane, use these tips on how to prevent hair loss. Lay off the dyes and heat, and keep a healthy diet full of calcium. You can even try one of the home remedies and be on your way to keeping your locks!

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