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How to Get Six Pack Abs Workout Routine

Thousands of people want to get six pack abs, and it’s only natural because of the lean cuts, ripped abs and muscly dudes on YouTube or TV. But how do you do it? is there a real secret or is it just a bunch of crunches that will help get that ripped six pack you’re looking for?

Well, truth is that there is no fast way to get a six pack, but there are ‘faster ways’ and they include 3 main ingredients no matter what.

1. A good clean, balanced healthy 5-6 times a day mealplan.

2. A high intense workout routine, that incorporates all muscle groups, such as weight training.

3. A cardio program that will help remove the body fat that is covering your abs at this point, because you do have natural abs underneath the fat… And it’s usually a HIIT program, which means high intense interval training program.

And lastly to get a ripped six pack you will need an ab workout routine and that’s what I’ll be demonstrating for you today…

First exercise will be the arms to feet v-crunch for lower six pack abs. Repeat this exercise for 20 repetitions and move on to the next one.

This exercise is the hip raise… Simply lay on your back and lift your hips, to the ceiling while keeping the soles of your feet upwards too… So it’s a complete under body lift. Do this for 20 repetitions.

Crossed knee crunch. This is one of the secret ab crunches that will get your ripped fast, and it’s one that many don’t know about! Lay down, like a normal crunch and place one of your feet in a 90 degree angle on top of your other leg, so you have kind of a “P” shape now on your body, then do a cross crunch touching your elbow with the knee. Repeat for 15 reps on each side.

Now do 30 seconds of side plank…

And finish it off with 30 repetitions of leg lifts, which are done by laying down on your back and lifting your legs a few inches above the ground. Perform a set of 30 repetitions and make sure you keep your feet off the ground at all times, moving them slightly up and down to get a nice deep burn!

This is a short ab workout that will help you get ripped six pack abs, but like the initial part of this article suggested there is a lot more to it than just doing ab exercises.

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