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How to Control Hair Loss in Women

Women need to know more than men how to control hair loss. This is simply because the negative effects of the condition can be more devastating for them. In society, they are typically expected to have long beautiful locks that are exempt from damage. The question though is whether it truly is possible to manage this condition.

Hair fall in both sexes is often the result of hormonal activity in both genders. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) produced from testosterone shrinks follicles which leads to the condition. In females, this is made possible by a drop in estrogen which usually manages DHT. The resulting pattern is a generalized thinning of the scalp.

Since hormones are involved, something related to hormones is expected to solve the problem. In men, the hormone that causes balding can be blocked. The same approach however may not be good for a female patient. Certain substances in male solutions may prove harmful to a woman and are therefore inadvisable.

One alternative is to opt for hormone therapy to control hair loss. This choice however may also have its disadvantages. Not every individual is a good candidate for the procedure. Even those who may receive a doctor’s go signal may experience side effects that have unknown long term consequences.

What is left for women is enhanced nutrition intake. Some vitamins and minerals especially those in the B complex family may help reduce hair fall. Since it is not always possible to get enough nutrients from food alone, some natural supplements have incorporated vitamins for the scalp in their products.

It is important to note though that scientific support is not conclusive when it comes to nutritional scalp help. More studies need to be conducted to confirm that nutrients are the best choice to remedy falling strands in females. In any case, rarely is good nutrition a bad idea for anyone. Whether or not it works, good nutrition may be your best option to control hair loss. Eat lots of vegetables and cut high fat, high preservative food choices.

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