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Hockey Training Programs For Teen Players – Picking the Right Off-Ice Workout Plan For Young Players

Hockey training programs are something every teen and pre-teen player looking to meet their full potential should be taking part in. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or a high-priced home gym to train, only the desire to improve, but what you do need is knowledge of how to pick the right training program, because the wrong program could actually hinder a young players progress. Here are some tips for picking the right off-ice training program.

Consider the age of the player carefully:

The difference in body development over the small window between the ages of 12 and 15 can be absolutely huge. Naturally, this means that depending on the player’s age, the workout routine they follow will need to be designed accordingly. At 12 to 14, kids bodies aren’t developed enough to do an adult workout. By 15 and 16, they generally are, and kids can train following the same program as older teens and adults. Make sure the training program you select is tailored correctly by age.

Make sure the program is hockey specific:

You can put a young teen player into any physical training and they’ll benefit from it, but for a player to reach their full potential on the ice, they absolutely need to be in a hockey specific program. General workouts are good, but they don’t necessarily target the areas that make great hockey players. Things like first-stride speed, overall power, agility, and much more can all be improved greatly by following a hockey specific program, and a player on a program designed for hockey will almost always see better results than a player on a generic workout plan.

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