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High Octane Food For High Performance – Bodybuilding Diet Plans

The old saying “You are what you eat” holds more than a bit of truth when it comes to formulating an effective and healthy bodybuilding diet. You feed the machine with low grade fuel and it’ll break down or at least run like an old Lister generator. Bodybuilding is a sport that places a premium on fat loss, extreme physical output, and maximum resultant muscle growth and as such bodybuilding diet plans need to cater for very specify nutritional needs.

Acceptable muscle gain depends on the intake of sufficient amounts of high quality protein. This is the building block that our bodies use to regenerate and increase muscle mass and if your diet is lacking good protein you will make no progress. And you’ll need a lot of it which means you’ll be eating a lot more in terms of volume. This becomes problematic when you consider one of the idiosyncrasies of bodybuilding that being simultaneous gains of fat and muscle mass. This is a reality of the game and although annoying is fairly easy to address by alternating weight and cardio training.

Ideal bodybuilding diet plans are very individual as all bodybuilders nutritional needs differ, but here is an example of a typical balanced day’s intake.


6 – 7 scrambled eggs consisting of 1 whole and the rest just whites

1 cup of cooked oatmeal (not the instant variety)

1 juiced apple

1 cup of coffee


1 Protein Shake

1 Glass of water – small


1 Can of Tuna in brine

2 Slices of whole-wheat bread

1 spices to taste

1 Glass of water – large


1 Protein Shake

1 Glass of water –


I Grilled chicken breast or portion of salmon

1 Serving of brown rice

1 Serving of green beans

1 Glass of water – large

As mentioned previously, fat intake can be a problem with large volume bodybuilding diet plans. One thing you shouldn’t do however is try to cut all fat out of your diet. Our bodies need good fats to function correctly. A good average balance would be Carbohydrates 40%, Protein 40% and good fat 20%. The maintenance of adequate hydration is also a critical part of the process. Try and drink approximately 1 gallon of water a day. Bodybuilding generates a lot of free radicals and toxins and you’ll need good hydration to flush them from your body.

Bodybuilding diet plans also have to be worked out according to external influences such as pre-existing medical conditions. The advice of your doctor and then that of a bodybuilding pro are essential first steps in formulating an effective diet plan. A last word on bodybuilding diet plans, don’t forget the importance of high quality diet supplements. They can be a quick and convenient way to boost your intake of specific micronutrients, minerals and vitamins.

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