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Healthy Skin Care Regiment For All Skin Types

While everyone’s skin type is different, the need for an established skin-care regiment is mandatory. Whether you choose to create your own skin-care products, such as homemade face masks, or use commonly found store-bought items, you will benefit from adhering to basic skin care principles.

It is most often the case that skin-types are divided by the level of oil production. The reason for this is primarily due to the fact that cleansing products tend to remove oil, while hydrating products tend to impart good oil/hydration. As such, the most common divisions include sensitive skin, normal skin/normal to oily, and oily skin.

The basis of the skin-care approach that I will outline is applicable no matter what amount of oil your face produces. I will suggest a handful of products that I have had a great experience with. Obviously, there are many others that you may choose from.

A basic regiment for skin care should always involve washing your face. The notion that washing your face will dry it out is mere folklore. Following these basic steps will ensure that your face will not age prematurely by assisting in the fight against wrinkles. It will tighten your face, while hydrating it. Lastly, you will have clean pores, the size of which should be less apparent. Equally important is this regiment’s tendency to eliminate acne.

By washing your face once in the morning and once in the evening, you are able to effectively remove surface toxins and excess oil from your skin’s surface. It is absolutely mandatory that you first wash your hands. I recommend using a mild face soap geared toward sensitive skin. The benefit of using a cleanser for sensitive skin is due to the fact that it reduces your chances of irritation and breakouts caused by fragrances, dyes and other unnatural substances. A dirt cheap, yet beautifully manufactured face soap is produced by Clean & Clear. The sensitive foaming variety, which I use and always recommend, is available everywhere.

An additional component involves the use of sunscreen. Using a sunscreen designed for your face will not clog your pores. This is an old wives’ tale that does not apply to today’s facial sunscreens. You can find many that have an additional hydrating component to them, which is always nice. However, if you have oily or sensitive skin, or are prone to acne, I would advise against using a sunscreen with a moisturizer built in. Instead, a simple facial moisturizer without all of the bells and whistles will suffice.

An additional necessity is a basic facial moisturizer. Something as simple as one of the many offerings at your local pharmacy or drug-store will suffice. Again, find something that is geared toward sensitive skin. Unscented is always the best since it will minimize the unnecessary chemicals which can irritate your skin.

Lastly, and most importantly in my opinion, is developing a weekly to bi-monthly face mask regiment. This is where your skin-type comes in to play. If you have very oily skin, get a face mask geared toward this skin-type, such as a mask that is focused on deep-pore cleansing. If your skin is ultra sensitive, get something geared toward sensitive skin, like a gentle mask. Begin using the product once a week and take a “wait and see” approach. What you should demand of a facial mask is that it clean your pores. Some face masques that are offered include the added benefit of hydrating your skin.

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