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Hardgainer Workouts – What is the Best Workout Routine For a Hardgainer?

A common mistake in many hardgainer workout routines is the lack of giving properly educated consideration for the different muscle fiber types. The human body literally has millions of muscle fibers, all of which have different tasks to perform, and all of which require individual attention in order to attain optimum results and performance.

To transfer this knowledge into a plan of action hardgainers must consider that they should work their fast twitch muscles first on some days, and on other days work their slow twitch muscles first. This follows the same logic as why on some days it is best to work biceps before calves or vice versa; changing up a routine is one of the surest ways to offer muscles a new challenge. The same holds true for slow and fast twitch muscles. So the question is how to target different groups?

The answer to this question lies in augmenting ones current work out plans with a few new sets. Most hardgainers are already using varied sets which might have 4-6 reps on the high end of the weight scale and 8 to 12 on the lower end. Add a few new sets in the 20 to 30 repetition range, and even consider doing a bar-only set with as many repetitions as possible.

Initially add these new sets at the end of a workout and then start alternating them to the start of a workout every 3 or 4 cycles. Keep in mind that slow twitch muscles do not need as much recovery time as fast twitch muscles so keep the time between sets to no more than 20 seconds for best results.

Combined with a proper diet and sufficient rest, this will enable hardgainers to keep on building lean muscle mass and increasing their overall strength and size.

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