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Hair Loss Breakthrough – Huge Advancements In This Field

Hair loss problems have led to a lot of research and there have been many hair loss breakthroughs over the years. New hair loss products and treatments are being researched and the latest treatments for hair loss are extreme hair therapy, follicular unit transplantation, dutasteride, propecia etc.

If there is a breakthrough new product or treatment for baldness then they hit the news headlines. Earlier propecia was used to treat baldness and now dutasteride is used to treat baldness, as it is 30% more effective than propecia.

Extreme Hair Therapy is a new hair restoration treatment, which helps hair growth and stops balding. It is a lengthy process and helps in improving the blood flow and reducing the free radicals.

Follicular unit transplantation is a treatment wherein a patch is taken from the back of the head where there is enough hair and put on the bald patch. The follicular units start growing and the bald patch is not visible any more.

There are various other remedies for treating baldness like home made remedies, ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines which help in stopping hair loss and promoting hair growth. Hair transplantation surgery and the latest breakthrough hair cloning need more time to come up in the market.

Hair loss products like propecia and dutasteride have to be used after consulting a physician. The physician will advise you on the dosage for treating hair loss. If you want to go for hair loss surgery then it is advised to learn the pros and cons of the treatment and then proceed.

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