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Grow Hair And Stop Hair Loss (2)

Studies have linked salt intake to hair loss. Sodium from common table salt is retained in the tissues of the scalp (and throughout the body), hampering their functions.

A nutritionally balanced diet will not be of much benefit if the body is incapable of transmuting the elements it requires. As we get older, the body is less and less able to absorb nutrients. This is initially indicated by the fact that the stomach fails to produce as much acid as it did earlier in life, evidenced by the increased presence of gas, heartburn, and bloating. Sensations of exhaustion after a meal tend to point to the digestion process also burning up too much energy.

Protein, which is the building block of hair, is usually the first victim of poor digestion.

Proper digestion involves four principal stages, and begins in the mouth with the production of saliva. Saliva launches the digestive course by breaking down carbohydrates and preparing food for peristalsis, the journey through the digestive tract. The secretion of stomach acids is activated by the chewing action.

The second stage happens in the stomach with the secretion of enzymes from the pancreas. These enzymes break down the food, and are replaced from enzymes found only in raw foods. Since the quintessential western diet accentuates cooked foods over raw, the pancreas is frequently unable to secrete adequate levels of enzymes by middle age, and requires the assistance of an enzyme supplement. Ironically, while a supplement will assist the pancreas, it will also weaken it by making dependent on the supplement.

The third stage involves the secretion of the hydrochloric acid to further the breakdown of food. Heartburn results from an insufficient level of this acid.

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