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Golf Fitness Exercise – Training For the Senior Golfer

Fitness for golf is becoming more common among the vast majority of senior golfers. There are so many golfers that when they reach their 50s and 60s are trying to find anything that will give them an edge in their golf game that the last thing they think of is their body.

The senior golfer is faced with a diminished strength level, decreased flexibility, hardly any endurance, no balance and coordination. The senior golfer that implements a fitness for golf program, will see improvements with their flexibility and strength, which will mean they will see an improvement in their golf game.

A fitness for golf exercise program will consist of strength exercising, and stretching and flexibility exercises. The focus of your fitness for golf program is the rotational strength and flexibility This will consist of hamstring and shoulders exercises. These exercises will be the key to better fitness and a better golf swing.

Many seniors are afraid that starting a fitness for golf program will be to hard for them or are afraid of getting injured. An easy exercise to do is a dumbbell curl while sitting on a workout ball. This will also help with their balance also. Start this exercise by curling up the dumbbell in your left hand up to your shoulder and then lower it slowly to the starting position. Repeat this exercise with the right side and alternate doing 10 to 12 reps on each arm. This exercise done on an exercise ball will help you increase your core strength.

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