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Get Ripped Diet – How To Eat To Get Ripped

The get ripped diet will help you reach a low body fat percentage in order to have your muscles show through. This is what gives that “Ripped” look. While exercise is important, diet will be responsible for around eighty percent of your fast loss results.

While exercise is also important, this article covers the diet aspect to losing fat while building muscle. If you want to lose a lot of fat in a short time, cut out carbs and anything with a lot of starch (such as potatoes) from your diet. This includes anything made of and containing flour, rice, sugar, potatoes and juices. Milk and fruits also has forms sugars in them, however, you do not need to cut them out completely. Just limit your daily intake to one or two servings a day will be enough.

Your diet should be made up of fresh vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Eat your vegetables raw as much as you can, this brings most benefit to your body for a variety of reasons. This diet will bring you tremendous results in a short amount of time.

Once you have reached your goal, you can start eating carbs again. To stay lean, just follow these 2 rules:

1. No carbs and sugars for 2 hours before or after your workout.

2. No carbs and sugars for 4 hours before you sleep.

For the get ripped diet, the most important meal is your post-workout meal. There is a two hour window after your workout, during this ‘window’, your body will absorb and use more macronutrients. This means that your muscles will also absorb more protein. During this time period, your digestion is also weakened because your blood is more concentrated in the muscles that you have just worked on.

Have something that your body can absorb and digest easily. This also needs to be high in protein to help nourish you muscles.  A protein shake is perfect for this, but make sure you choose a protein powder that is high in protein and low on carbs, a whey protein powder with around 90% protein is fine.

Lastly, it is absolutely crucial that you don’t eat carbs for the two hours before and after your workout. Doing this will spiking your insulin levels, which will cause your body to release ‘somatostatin’. Somatostatin is a hormone will inhibit the production of HGH in your body. HGH (human growth hormone) contributes to building muscle and losing fat.

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