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Focus T25: A New High-Intensity Workout From Shaun T and Beachbody

Shaun Thompson, known in fitness circles as Shaun T, is a personal trainer and choreographer. He is best known for Hip Hop Abs and the Insanity series, two very successful home fitness programs. This summer, he released a brand-new program called Focus T25.

What is Focus T25?

The new Shaun T workout packs an hour’s worth of results into intense 25-minute sessions. While the creator understands the effectiveness of long workouts, he also knows that people are often pressed for time. The new program requires less than 30 minutes of intense focus for the same results as an hour-long workout.

Several university studies have shown the value of short, fast, high-intensity workouts. This is good news for people who juggle a busy schedule. T25 provides maximum fitness benefits from shorter blocks of time because of the focus and intensity. Shawn T created the program at the request of Carl Daikeler, the Beachbody CEO and one of the busiest men around.

Fitness experts are calling the new, lighting-fast workout the biggest fitness breakthrough since Insanity. It is designed to help people lose weight and get in shape in the shortest amount of time possible. Unlike the Insanity series, the new workout focuses hard on specific muscles and body areas.

What is the Workout Schedule?

T25 has three phases: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Alpha is a month-long phase that prepares the body for intense work. It creates a foundation that teaches people about focus, speed and movement.

The second month of the program is called Beta. It focuses on the body’s core strength and movements. Gamma, the third phase, continues the focus on core strength. It is designed to grow muscles and get the body in top shape.

Who Benefits from the Program?

Focus T25 is meant for anyone who wants the results of Insanity or P90X, another Beachbody program. However, they may have only a few minutes a day to work out. Shaun T comes to the rescue with a short workout that delivers results.

The new program can work for any fitness level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. It even contains a modifier that keeps it low-impact for out-of-shape people or older adults whose bodies require them to lower the intensity.

Where Can People Find the Focus T25 Workout Program?

T25 is now available from various fitness trainers, websites and online stores. It is also featured on the official Beachbody website at People can purchase the program as a base kit, challenge pack or Gamma DVD.

Depending on the package, the workout includes the Alpha and Beta phases on multiple DVDs, a workout calendar, nutrition guides and diet plans, resistance bands and Shakeology, a nutrient-dense protein drink.

Visit the Beachbody website for a sneak peak at T25, and discover how Shaun T can help anyone get in shape.

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