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Fitness Marketing – 5 Ways to Build a Personal Training Business

If there’s one thing that can be a shame for some personal trainers, it’s having the passion to change people’s lives but without the business skills to maximise business potential and sky-rocket profits. So many fitness trainers fail when it comes to fitness marketing, and as a result drop out of the industry. I don’t want that to happen to you so here are a few of my tips on how to build your business.

1. Reactivation

Don’t for one second underestimate the power of making that phone call and bringing your old clients back. You will be surprised at how many people will return after time off. Stay in contact with your old clients as much as you can!

2. Videos

It doesn’t cost the earth to produce an educational fitness DVD that you can use on your web site so grab your video camera or a friends and start filming some of your new moves and techniques and adding them to your web site / posting on YouTube and other social media sites. Ensure you add the proper keywords according to your video.

3. Testimonials

Get some forms together and ask your clients to write down a few words about you and what they think of your training. Use their quotes on your posters and other marketing material. Better still, get before and after photos and use those too. Success stories will increase your chances of generating more business. Fact.

4. Be Visual

Remember that how you act and what you do on ‘the floor’ is being watched by potential clients. So find the latest equipment, learn the latest moves and keep yourself in touch with the latest developments. Kettle-bells, Power Bags, Power Clubs and other tools are great for creating both a powerful exercise routine as well as a great visual show for your new clients. Then you can approach people and say “You seemed interested in these, they need some proper instruction but they’re awesome, fancy a go?”. Boom, you’re in!

5. What’s Your Story

I used to be overweight, ate the wrong foods and my confidence was low! Now I’m a personal trainer, diet author and TV presenter. My confidence is through the roof and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. What’s your story? Find one and use it in your marketing. People love to hear that you’ve had to slug it out and you’ll hit them on another level.

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