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FBI Workout Routine – How To Train For The FBI PFT

How To Train For The FBI PFT Test

The undeniable truth is in order to become an FBI special agent you will have to pass the physical fitness test. The justice department wants to know that you are physically ready to do the job of a federal agent. The competition in terms of people vying for the same position is intense. There will be many different people from varies backgrounds aiming for the same position. That is why you want to maximize every phase of the selection process.

Your main goal should be to do well on every phase of the hiring process. In this article I’m going to discuss the physical fitness test since a great deal of applicants do poorly on it.

How to train for the FBI PFT Test – What is The Best Workout Routines?

The best workouts to do as you prepare for the FBI PFT test is one that incorporates both cardiovascular development, as well as strength training simultaneously. The best exercise routine that covers both at the same time is high intensity interval training. I’ve been a certified personal trainer for almost a decade now, and I can honestly tell you that interval training is one of the best fitness improvement workouts ever developed.

If the goal is to get into shape relatively quickly than high intensity interval training is what I recommend for the FBI physical fitness test. The only knock on interval training is of course the intensity needed to finish the workouts. You’ll be gassed within the first 5 minutes, but you’ll be in rock solid shape in 2 months. Actually don’t be surprised if you start seeing results within the first 2 weeks.

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