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Facial Care – Home Facial Treatment Tips

Giving yourself a home facial treatment is not difficult and can do wonders for your complexion. If you can follow a few simple directions and facial tips, there is no need to spend your hard earned money on expensive facial treatment procedures and products at your local salon.

A daily home facial procedure to clean, tone and preserve moisture level is crucial to prolonging healthy facial skin. Clean your skin soundly at least twice a day and exchange your pillow slip frequently. Especially important is the nightly washing, which gets rid of collected skin oils, makeup, and grime.

Washing Tips

If you have oily skin, apply a liquid or bar soap developed for your skin type; rinse off thoroughly. Dry skins flourish on superfatted soap, creamy washes, or purifying creams; normal skins can call for a mild soap or cleansing agent. Thorough washing is vital.

Most skins, except extra sensitive or very dry types, call for occasional exfoliation (removal of the top level of nonliving skin cells). Conduct this with a scrub cleanser or by working across your face very lightly with a rough face cloth or an scratchy puff dampened with soap.

Toning Tips

Freshen up the skin following cleansing and get rid of any left over impurities by passing over your face with a cotton ball drenched in skin freshener; avoid the sensitive eye area. If your skin is greasy, use an alcohol-base astringent. Dry skin profits from a mild, herbal toner, which frequently is all the cleansing required in the morning. A freshener ought to make your skin tingle and feel tight. If it stings, it’s too potent.

Moisturizer Tips

Normal and dry-skinned faces, also dry regions on an oily face, benefit from a thin layer of moisturizer put on after toning and prior to makeup. If your skin is very dry, or if you reside in a frigid or dry climate, apply an emollient ointment to your skin right after the nighttime wash.

Do It Yourself Home Facial Treatment

To get rid of deep-seated impurities and perk up circulation, you can give yourself a facial treatment.

1. Boil some water, adding 2 chamomile tea bags for an herb fragrance.

2. Remove all makeup and cover up your hair with a shower cap.

3. Pour out the water into a washbasin, drape a towel over your head to entrap the steam, and hold your face roughly 1 foot above the water for about 10 minutes.

4. Daub your face dry, than put on a mask (a clay recipe for oily skin, a creamy hydrating mask for dry skin). Don’t apply the mask too near to your eyes, mouth or hairline. Leave on as instructed; remove it, and then rinse off with cool water and put on moisturizer.

Presto! In just four easy steps you have given yourself a relatively inexpensive home facial treatment. Facial care should be an important part of any woman’s natural face skincare program. Take good care of your body and your body will take good care of you!

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