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Esthetician (Skin Care) – Online Study

Entering online study to pursue a career? As an esthetician this is possible by finding the right program and school. Students can become fully capable of working with clients on their skin by studying the procedures needed in an online esthetician program. The treatment of skin includes facials, microdermabrasions, body wraps, exfoliation treatments, and hair removal. Spas and salons are where most of these types of treatments are conducted. Learning these techniques come from hours of hands-on experience, which is why online study to become an esthetician is different than other careers.

Students that participate in an online program will find that it is a hybrid training format. This means that schooling is completed on site and at home. Hybrid training offers specific courses to students pursuing this industry. Some online courses include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • – Anatomy and Physiology is a course that focuses on the major organs and body systems. Specific focus is placed on the hair, skin, and nails of a person. Learning the history of the field is another area that students study.

  • Salon management
  • – Salon management is typically taken towards the end of a program. This course is designed to help students gain marketing and communication skills. Managing a salon takes great interpersonal skills when working directly with clients and other professionals. Subjects like ethics and proper use of company resources are included to help students prepare for managing a salon.

Since most programs require a large amount of hands-on training students have to complete a majority of their learning on campus. On average students are required to complete around 600 hours to properly prepare for certification exams. Campus-based courses include:

  • Skin Care
  • – A skin care course teaches students the fundamentals of skin. These include the ability to identify skin conditions such as acne and age spots. From this students learn how to provide the correct treatment. Treatments learned include body wraps and scrubs. The use of lighted mirrors, tools, and lotions is also integrated into study.

  • Facials
  • – A facials course is a fun course where students learn by doing. Students learn how to apply masks and operate high frequency facial tools. In a lab setting students study and perform exfoliation, microdermabrasion, and chemical peel procedures under the instruction of a trained teacher.

  • Hair Removal
  • – A hair removal course teaches students the correct techniques of hair removal. The removal of hair is another factor of esthetician work that requires practice. The process to remove facial or body hair is geared towards making it look esthetically pleasing. Waxing and tweezing is focused on learning proper procedures to remove hair from the face, back, bikini, and underarm areas.

Entering an accredited hybrid program like this is a great way for students to make their campus-based learning requirements lower. Hybrid programs are becoming more available as more schools move history, anatomy, and law courses online. Accredited programs allow students to receive the best quality education possible. The Distance Education and Training Council ( ) is one of a number of agencies approved to fully accredit educational training programs. Learn how to become an esthetician by fulfilling education requirements through a hybrid program.

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